LG VN280 Extravert 2 user guide manual

LG VN280 Extravert 2 user guide manual – LG VN280 Extravert 2 for Verizon Wireless was released on April 2014 with a full QWERTY keyboard and multimedia player. LG VN280 Extravert 2 is basic phone with advanced messaging features bring on 3.2 inches screen display. LG VN280 for Verizon Wireless powered by 1.2 GHz processor for CPU and MicroSD slot available to increased storage capacity of the slide-out QWERTY phone up to 32 GB.

LG VN280 Extravert 2 user guide manual

LG VN280 Extravert 2 equipped with specifications and key features such as: 112 x 55 x 16 mm (4.4 x 2.15 x 0.64 inches) in dimension with 118 g (4.15 oz) in weight. 3.2 inches TFT capacitive touchscreen display 240 x 400 pixels screen display 256 K colors. 0.5 GB internal storage, microSD up to 32 GB, 2 megapixel main camera with digital zoom and night mode features, Li-Ion 1000 mAH battery with up to 502 hours of stand by time and up to 12 hours of talk time.

LG VN280 Extravert 2 rivals and competitors manual:
LG VN280 Extravert 2 pdf manual available to download in pdf file format with 4.97 MB size and contains of 127 pages. LG VN280 Extravert 2 user guide manual for Verizon Wireless will help users, owners and buyers with important information you need about the smartphone including key features, add functions, settings and some solution for troubleshooting.

Table of contents for LG VN280 Extravert 2 user guide manual:

  • Phone overview
  • Quick glance of the touch screen and how to use it
  • Getting started with your phone
  • Shortcuts menu
  • Entring and editing information
  • Menu overview
  • Menu access
  • Shortcuts menu on the touch screen
  • Quick access to convenient features
  • Contacts in your phone’s memory
  • Contacts
  • Recent calls
  • My verizon
  • Tools
  • Settings
  • Mobile email
  • Messaging
  • Internet
  • Media center
  • Apps/calendar
  • My music
  • Alarm clock
  • My pictures
  • Important safety precautions
  • Safety
  • Limited warranty statement
  • Technical details
  • Glossary
  • Index

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