Meitrack MT90 Personal Tracker User Guide Manual

Meitrack MT90 is a Global Position System (GPS) Tracker device that is designed for children or elderly people. It is designed to be carried by them or attached to their belongings. It is a personal tracker, though. It is portable and has a big SOS button in front of it that should make those people push it quickly when they are in danger situation. Or, it can be used if they lost direction. On the other hand, you as parents can track and monitor your children by using certain command and see its position in google map. It is produced by Chinese company, its headquarter is in Shenzhen, and this product has been sold worldwide either through its partner or direct representative.

Meitrack MT90 User Guide Manual

In order to use it properly, you will need to read a Meitrack MT90 user guide or user manual. Below are information you will read in this manual.

  • Product Overview. This section will information you what features brought in this device. This device can be used for 2-way calling (like phone), generate SOS, geo-fence and in danger alarm. It has battery that is enough to make it standby for 24 hours.
  • Product Function and Specification. This section will give you more detail information about features stated in product overview section. And you can read its technical specification in table format.
  • Accessories. In its sales package, you will get USB cable, charger, screwdriver, CD and Lanyard.
  • Appearance and LED Indicator. There is a picture of this device with explanation of all its part and its function. And you can read the explanation of LED behavior on particular condition.
  • First Use. This device needs SIM Card. And it must be put inside the device with the help of screwdriver to open the back case.
  • Quick Operation Command. This section might be the important part since you need to learn how to operate this personal GPS tracker using your mobile phone as your tool to command it. You need to text/SMS MT90 with particular command code, that will activate features below :
    • Tracking by Mobile Phone
    • SOS
    • Listen-in
    • Smart Sleep
    • SMS Time Zone
  • Device Setup. You must prepare a laptop to configure or update the device or trouble shoot it.

Ok. That’s some brief information regarding this device. You can download Meitrack MT90 User Guide Manual below.

Meitrack MT90 User Manual

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