Nintendo Switch User Manual

Nintendo Switch is the latest game console invention from Nintendo. Remember when WII is becoming wireless Joystick several years ago? Now, Switch is trying to follow WII footstep. It brings a new concept, a hybrid game that combines portable gaming and home gaming devices. While at home, users can play games like other gaming devices or by putting a Switch to a television and using a joystick to control the game.

And if you want to travel, users can easily remove the core device Switch is shaped like a slate (tablet) from the docking it and install a joystick on the right and left. Two joysticks named “Joy-Con” has identical buttons and can be used without having to connect with a slate so that two people can use it. But keep in mind that Switch only offers the experience of playing on one screen. Users must choose whether to play it directly on the screen or on television even though each has a screen. This concept is different when compared to Wii U game devices. The screen on the Nintendo Wii U joystick can be used as a second screen to provide additional information other than what is shown on television.

Nintendo also tried to implement an old game disc feature, a cartridge. Nintendo did not keep up with today’s trend that used solid discs. And there is a sleeve to put this game cartridge. The sleeve is called Game Card as a storage place for various game titles. This means that Switch is the focus to be a home device as well as Nintendo devices edition of the 1980s or Nintendo 64 which was first released in 1996. Unfortunately, the sleeve is not compatible with various game titles on other Nintendo consoles, either Nintendo 3DS shells or Wii U discs.

The Game Card reportedly has 8GB of storage memory. This size is quite small when compared to the size of the game title capacity in the Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles. The size of one game title on two devices can reach 40GB.

If you are looking for a user manual in pdf format that you can download and read it offline, you can download it below.

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