Samsung Galaxy S8+ G955FD User Manual

Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of most powerful mobile phone nowadays. There several new features have been added to make it lead among others. These are some of those new features.

Infinity Display
The Galaxy S8 has a 5.8-inch display crammed into what feels like a normal-sized phone, with a barely-there bezel.

Force Touch
This Galaxy S8 phone does incorporate a similar mechanism into the bottom half of it, which means that when you press on the home button, it gives feedback in response directly.

Better Selfie Camera
Selfie has become a primary social needs today. To accommodate it, Samsung Galaxy 8 camera now captures 8-megapixel photos with an f/1.7 lens, and also has autofocus capabilities.

Fast Face Scanning
Authentication through facial recognition has been a feature on Android phones and laptops for years now, but this is the first implementation made by Samsung itself.

It is Samsung personal assistant. Samsung is positioning it as a virtual assistant that’s largely focused on helping you get stuff done on the phone itself: you can set reminders, search through photo galleries, and cast your phone screen to your Wi-Fi-connected TV, all by pressing a dedicated Bixby button and talking to it.

And there are more new features you can play around with. And if don’t have a chance to read its manual book which come with the mobile phone, you can download it below and read it directly from your Samsung Galaxy 8 phone.

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